The Carnal Kingdom blog~

The Carnal Kingdom blog~
"Welcome to the Carnal Kingdom.. where SEX and DEMONS gather..."

Friday, May 3, 2019

New comic pages have been posted, along with a new pet girl image!

Hello, Carnalites!

I meant to post this yesterday, but the site is updated with new comic pages. I hope you like them. I'll be getting two more really soon. I want to finish this comic so we can get into something fresh, and much shorter. I feel like this comic is getting old... not that I hate it or anything. But there have been some negative comments about it, and I feel like we should just get through it so I can bring in some fresh writing.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy it. The writing might be a little old and outdated (I believe that I am a better writer now), but its still canon and enjoyable for what it is worth.

Here is a link directly to the comic pages.

I also posted new pet girl pictures. This time of My Hero Academia girls. I hope you like it.

That's about it. Remember you can go to the site from the side links. Enjoy!

 - M

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Update coming very soon!


Here is the current first page of the four comic pages that are arriving soon on the site. I also have pet girl images and a pet party imageset, along with other images as well. Everything is arriving sooner than later. Sorry for the wait, school (college) has had me really, REALLY busy and tired.

Enjoy the comic page and look for the update soon! :)

 - M

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

More updates are coming, but check out the new picture!

I even wrote a small story for it.
More updates are coming, so I will post here when they are completed.
Thanks for being a Carnalite! :D
Happy New Year!

 - M

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Site updated! Devil's night excitement!

The devils are out playing, and we are out laying! updates, that is.

So I am happy to say a small update has been added. Got a game for you guys, but it won't be tonight. Look out for it soon, very soon.

Thanks for being a fan as always, and speak to you soon! :D

 - M

Friday, September 7, 2018

Its been forever since I posted here! What the crap man!?


It is rude of me to say "COME HERE FOR UPDATES!" and never update here.

What am I, stoopid or something?!

Sorry about that.

The Carnal Kingdom is very much being worked on. I am still rendering away at "The Carnal Kingdom: Creed" images. and I am preparing to post more of the Pet Party images and "Tokyo Chronicles: Battlecry" images. It has taken a while to get anything done, and I hate it.

The problem comes from going to college now, and before then it was work. I can only do so much during the day, and when you have a crappy rendering computer, renders take forever when they should be 30 minutes or less.... a pizza.

I swear that one day I will get a good rendering computer. High End, able to render beautiful quality pictures in 60 seconds or less, and able to blow many other computers out of the market.

But I can't for now. I have to pay for classes.

So where does that leave us?

But no, seriously. Loli DOES know!

I am paying FalyneVarger for images as we speak. We are getting new images of Yoko, and after that I will be getting one more image (itsasecret) before I ask her to start on the many images of the Nefesetairi expose'. I hope to get all of those images by the beginning of next year, so we can start the game for the Nefs. :) Also, I have her image she did for the newest shirt. I have just been trying to figure out how to massively send it to everyone. If push comes to shove, I'll send it to you all. 

Next, I know its been a while since we tried to get comic pages. I really wish I had a Patreon already, that way I could ask for help funding it. But no matter. I will try to fund pages this month coming up. If not this month, I'll try to do it the beginning of next month. But I think I can at least get two this month.

So the next update should be soon, containing the Pet Party and the pages from Battlecry. I hope to add the Yoko images as well if I can, but that depends on the artist.

We'll see what we can do soon! As always, thanks for being a Carnalite, and I hope that you stick around for the exciting updates to come!

 - M

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Site is updated. WAIT... WHAT?!

No seriously, I finally posted an update.
That being said, I will be posting updates sparingly as I get the very first 3d game done.
I hope to get that game done, "Creed" in two months. any more and it won't be a spring release, will it? I hope it will happen tho.

I do expect to do small updates, such as stories and comic pages, just nothing big.

Hope you enjoy the update! Comic pages and Battlecry pages ahoy!

Until later on!

   - M.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


So, the unfortunate and highly regrettable happened over the weekend. My laptop, which had a large amount of Carnal Kingdom stuff, was lost due to a harddrive failure. Maybe I did it to myself, but whatever happened it is gone for good.

So where does this leave us?

Well, everything on the site is backed up in two places, which is good. I didn't lose EVERYTHING, happily. What I did lose is the stories I was working on currently, the art, the CURRENT REN'PY STORY "THE FIRE FESTIVAL" STARRING ELENA AND THE YOUNG SOCIETY WITCHES, and mostly everything that was recent.

So, in other words, what I was working on during this whole time of not updating is GONE.

So what now?

Well, I am going to continue to work on "Battlecry" as well as the "Pet Party" project. I expectg to get those done soon enough, if I can, and post those along with the new pages of the "Redemption" comic and a story of a certain character's origins. All this should be coming up. Although I lost the Fire Festival story, I hope to work on it eventually again, probably closer to the spring/summer release that it was originally intended for.

And that means...

I plan on continuing "The Carnal Kingdom: Creed", the first game I plan on releasing for the site. This will take many more months to complete, but I am still aiming for late winter/early spring, hopefully no later then May.

That being said, I will continue to release content as I work on this game. I will hopefully provide quality content to make the site flourish, and maybe even get new fans. Look forward to it, hopefully!

Thanks for reading this. I will post this on the site as well very soon, by the end of the week. Until later!

 - M