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The Carnal Kingdom blog~
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Friday, October 31, 2014



Well its the witching hour. I hope you are all enjoying yourselves.

I have some good news, and bad news. I am pleased to say that there is definitely going to be a Halloween game this time around. It is a "Game Book", a text based game that will allow you to choose your way. Here is one of the screens from the game:

But the bad news is, I might need one more day to make it. I actually changed my mind on many of the features of the game, and have decided to make something fun, hentai, and basic. But you know, as I have mentioned before, it is hard to put something out quickly. I will try to make it happen during this night, but if it is tomorrow morning that this happens, I apologize. Actually, I imagine most people's parties and things might be extending into the weekend, so hopefully you won't mind.

I will update this post if I get it done tonight. I look forward to showing you this... this is very, very fun to do.


I had unfortunate news however. I am unable to get this game to run outside of the program used to make it.
It is a really good program, and I promise I will use it again for another story / game. Ren'Py builds itself and you install it with the game. This is a game creator but it is a pretty good one. I suggest people create with it.
But you unfortunately have to download the game creator to play my game.
Here is the link to the game creator:
Quest Game Creator
here is the game:
Devil's Night 2014: The Dark Hunt

Just click the download button and download the file. Feel free to scan it if you want. Both of them.
Then, click open on the file tab and open the Quest file. You should be able to play it then.
Thanks for waiting. I'll be creating more games soon.
Until later!

 - M

 - M

Friday, October 24, 2014


I updated the comic as well as some pictures on the main page. Enjoy the fun and I will be updating next week. I am definitely interested in doing the Devil's Night 2014 page and the small game. I would like to make that small 'you choose a way' story... I think you will like it.

So, enjoy this page of the comic... I know I did.

Also, here is one of the funny images for Devil's Night. Pizza Pizza!

Enjoy and we'll talk more soon!

 - M

Monday, October 20, 2014

Update coming... please check out the game art! :D :D :D

Hello, I will be posting the new comic pages that you can find on PALCOMIX soon. I can't say if I will have a story yet; I am thinking of trying to get the story posted very very soon.

I am having lots of fun creating this game for everyone. It will be free, so I hope you enjoy it. I just hope the free games will inspire some people to buy the epic VN I make eventually. While the game mechanics might not be really special, the free games will show you just how well I can make a game series. I hope you all like it.
Here are some of the backgrounds rendered so far:

and here are some renders of a couple of the girls. The first game is about Juni, as you know, so they are mostly of her:

I have many more scenes to do. If the game is not out or anywhere close to being done by next week, I will keep working towards a small Devil's Night game that will definitely be done in time. I hope you all will enjoy it.

The update to the comic will be tomorrow during the day. I'll see what I can add in those galleries as well.

Until later, be sure to check out Timer Rabbit's new characters on her Mirror page.
Also, the filler comic is almost done. Prepare for the final showdown in the last chapter of "Redemption"!

 - M