The Carnal Kingdom blog~

The Carnal Kingdom blog~
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018


So, the unfortunate and highly regrettable happened over the weekend. My laptop, which had a large amount of Carnal Kingdom stuff, was lost due to a harddrive failure. Maybe I did it to myself, but whatever happened it is gone for good.

So where does this leave us?

Well, everything on the site is backed up in two places, which is good. I didn't lose EVERYTHING, happily. What I did lose is the stories I was working on currently, the art, the CURRENT REN'PY STORY "THE FIRE FESTIVAL" STARRING ELENA AND THE YOUNG SOCIETY WITCHES, and mostly everything that was recent.

So, in other words, what I was working on during this whole time of not updating is GONE.

So what now?

Well, I am going to continue to work on "Battlecry" as well as the "Pet Party" project. I expectg to get those done soon enough, if I can, and post those along with the new pages of the "Redemption" comic and a story of a certain character's origins. All this should be coming up. Although I lost the Fire Festival story, I hope to work on it eventually again, probably closer to the spring/summer release that it was originally intended for.

And that means...

I plan on continuing "The Carnal Kingdom: Creed", the first game I plan on releasing for the site. This will take many more months to complete, but I am still aiming for late winter/early spring, hopefully no later then May.

That being said, I will continue to release content as I work on this game. I will hopefully provide quality content to make the site flourish, and maybe even get new fans. Look forward to it, hopefully!

Thanks for reading this. I will post this on the site as well very soon, by the end of the week. Until later!

 - M