The Carnal Kingdom blog~

The Carnal Kingdom blog~
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Continuing forward with the game... new comic pages! EDIT: Game background not animated but here!

Hey hey! The game is coming along. My due date for everyone to play it is Oct. 31st, Halloween. I will do my best to stick by this due date, so expect something BIG this Devil's Night!

The comic is continuing. Here are the pages to be added to the site:

I am thinking about commissioning "Sijix Animations" to animate some of the Palcomix images from way back and some of his own as well. Look forward to those gifs eventually too.

I am always working on stuff for this site! :) Never think I have forgotten it!

Until later folks!


Here you go, here is the title screen for the game.

The screen will actually be fading in and out... if I can get it to do that. I am sure I can. But anyway, moving right along, enjoy!

           - M